What Is a Nikon Nikoplex Reticle?

What Is a Nikon Nikoplex Reticle?

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Optical devices like telescopes or microscopes may feature reticles, fine lines on the eyepiece that help the user locate or measure items in the field of view. In the context of telescopic lenses used in shooting sports, the reticle is often referred to as the "crosshairs." Nikon offers a variety of reticles for its rifle scopes, to cover various purposes, hunting conditions and ammunition types. The Nikoplex reticle is a basic type of reticle used in rifle scopes manufactured by Nikon.

Nikoplex Features

The Nikoplex reticle, typically used for hunting purposes, is a longtime standard for Nikon. The design resembles the simplest crosshair design, which consists merely of two fine lines crossing each other. However, the Nikoplex reticle features heavier lines on the outer parts of the crosshair. According to Nikon, these heavier lines direct the shooter's eye to the finer crosshair at the center of the reticle, allowing for faster identification of the target.

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