How to Net Fish in a River

How to Net Fish in a River

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Net fishing is practiced all over the world. This method of fishing usually yields high numbers of fish without the hassle of bait and tackle. Net fishing in rivers and other bodies of water allows the angler to catch his own bait fish. It is also used to catch larger species.

Items you will need

  • Net

Select a net size and material designed for river fishing; do not use a commercial, deep-sea trolling net. River nets are usually comprised of mesh disks with a perimeter of small weights.

Practice casting your net on land before you begin net fishing in rivers. Master the technique of net casting before taking your first fishing trip; sloppy technique will scare the fish away. Practice casting in your backyard.

Straighten the net and let it fall between your feet. Loop the tag end of the net's rope to your right wrist. Coil the rope several times, and keep it in your right hand. Lay the throat of the net over the rope coils that are held in your right hand.

Place your left hand one-third of the way down the net; coil this length into your right hand. Move your left hand half-way down the remaining length; create another coil and place that in your right hand.

Kneel on your right knee; lay one of the loops over your thigh. Run your pinkie finger through the netting laid across your thigh. Grasp the top of the net for further support.

Wind your body back, and then spin forward with a slinging motion that releases the net. Release the net so that it flies towards the river. Reel in the net when desired.

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