How to Make PVC Catfish Poles

How to Make PVC Catfish Poles

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If you have any 1/4-inch PVC pipe laying around, you can make a new spin-off on an old product, a catfish pole. Before the traditional rod and reel became the mainstay for most anglers, cane poles were used for catching catfish along river banks. A cane pole fishing rig consists only of the cane pole itself, fishing line and a hook. A similar pole can be made from PVC pipe. 1/4-inch PVC pipe is the best size to use because it offers some flexibility and is not to bulky to tote around.

Items you will need

  • 1/4-inch PVC pipe

  • Tape measure

  • PVC saw

  • Eye hook

  • Monofilament line

  • Fishing hook

Measure your piece of 1/4 inch PVC pipe to 6 feet in length with a crayon.

Cut your piece of PVC to 6 feet of length, using the PVC saw.

Attach the eye hook to one end of your PVC pipe.

Measure out 12 feet of monofilament line and cut it from the spool.

Attach one end of the line to the eye hook mounted on the end of the PVC pipe.

Attach a fishing hook to the other end of the monofilament line. You are now ready for catfishing.

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