How to Take Your Mountain Bike on an Airplane

You can take your mountain bike anywhere - just use these hints to pack it up and put it on a plane.

Obtain a bike box from a bike shop. These are the boxes that new bikes are shipped in - most bike stores will have a few lying around.

Take the front wheel off the bike by unhitching the brakes and unscrewing the quick-release.

Take the pedals off the bike using an Allen wrench or a specialized thin bike wrench. Remember to loosen the right pedal counterclockwise and the left pedal clockwise.

Loosen the headset (handlebar rack) with an Allen wrench. Rotate the handlebars 90 degrees so they are parallel to the bike frame and can fit in the bike box.

Place the bike in the box, then slide the front wheel in the box to one side of the bike. You may also need to remove your bike seat to fit the bike into the box.

Put the pedals in your luggage in case the box rips or tears while on the airplane.

Place crumpled newspaper in the box to cushion the bike.

Tape the box together and put it on the plane.


  • Most airlines charge an additional $50 fee to transport a bike.
  • Reassemble your bike by screwing the pedals on, adjusting the headset 90 degrees and then tightening the headset.

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