How to Mount Winchester 3030 Rifle Scopes

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The Winchester 3030, otherwise known as the Model 94, is a classic American rifle with the lever action reloading we all recognize from cowboy western movies. The Model 94 lever action 3030 rifle has factory drilled scope mounting holes designed to allow the owner of a Winchester to add a high-power telescopic sight, which can improve accuracy immensely. Properly mounting a scope on your Winchester 3030 can be done without extensive expertise or specialized tools.

Items you will need

  • Winchester Model 94

  • Screwdriver

  • Loctite thread sealer

  • Scope mount

  • Scope mounting screws

  • Scope rings

  • Scope ring screws

  • Rifle scope

Remove the plug screws in the rifle's scope mounting holes with the screw driver.

Align the two holes in the scope mount with the two scope holes on the rifle's receiver.

Apply loctite to the scope mounting screws before screwing them into the scope mount with the screw driver. This will keep the screws tight even after hundreds of bullets have been fired.

Place the rifle scope in the scope rings and place the scope rings on the scope mount at the correct position on the receiver to provide proper eye relief.

Apply loctite to the scope ring screws before screwing them into the scope rings and scope mount and tightening them. Do not tighten the screws too much or you will damage the scope tube.


  • Mount your scope with proper eye relief so that the picture you see in the scope is the right size and focused instead of blurry. You also want to ensure that the scope isn't too close to the shooter so that the scope doesn't smash into the shooter's eye when firing the rifle.


  • Allow the thread sealer to dry for at least half an hour before firing your Winchester 3030 with the rifle scope.