How to Mount a Remington 700 Scope

Remington model 700 rifles are the premier bolt-action rifles of the Remington line. The rifle is designed for precision shooting; its adjustable trigger and scope-mount holes are pre-drilled and tapped into the upper receiver. Plug-screws had been installed into the scope mount holes. The pulg-screws prevent moisture from accumulating ,which could possibly lead to rust. The Remington model 700 is compatible with most commercially available scope-mounts; Remington also produces its own scope rings and mounts.

Check your rifle's action to make sure it is unloaded.

Use your small screwdriver to remove the four plug-screws located on top of the rifle receiver. Two are behind the ejection port and two are in front.

Position the scope-mounts on your rifle, aligning the holes in the mounts with the screw holes in the rifle. Use the supplied Allen wrench to screw the mounts to the rifle.

Separate the top halves of the scope rings by unscrewing the ring-retention screws with your Allen wrench. Place your scope on the rings. Put the top halves back on, but do not completely tighten the screws.

Position your scope so that it provides you with adequate eye relief, a good sight picture and crosshairs that appear straight both vertically and horizontally. Tighten the rings when your scope is positioned to your preferences.


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