How to Mount a Propane Tank on an RV Hitch

How to Mount a Propane Tank on an RV Hitch

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Trailer hitches come with a built-in location for LP propane tanks mounted on the hitch. The location of the tanks is found on the front of the trailer. The built-in stand can either hold one 7 1/2-gallon LP tank and others are wide enough to hold a pair of 5-gallon LP tanks. Mounting the tanks securily to the provided propane tank rack(s) requires securing the metal ring holder with either a nut and bolt or a screw and wing nut. Some models of LP tank holders have a self-locking latch identical to those found on most tool boxes. However, the vast majority are the nut and bolt type.

Items you will need

  • Screw and matching size wing nut.

Securing Single Propane Tank To RV Hitch

Loosen the screw on the tank holder to expand the circumference.

Lift LP Tank and insert inside metal ring holder.

Close the ring and insert screw through both holes to join both sides of the metal ring surrounding the tank.

Fasten the wing nut to the screw until it is hand-tight.

Attach hose to tank securely.

Mounting Dual Propane Tanks on an RV Hitch

Lift propane tank and set in designated holding area.

Adjust holding bar to hold propane tank in place.

Tighten the large wing nut to hold tanks securely in place.

Attach connecting hoses to the tanks.


  • Always carry propane tanks in an upright position.
  • Inspect the base of the holder to make sure it is secured to the hitch properly.
  • Have your tanks inspected as required by law (12 years after manufactured date and every 5 years afterwards).


  • Replace the included nut with a wing nut for ease of opening enclosure and tank removal.
  • Invest in a propane "handle" to help you lift and transport a filled propane tank.
  • It is unnecessary to over-tighten the screw. Once secured, the tank will not move.