How to Mount a Kayak on an RV

How to Mount a Kayak on an RV

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Hopping into your RV and taking a road trip can be an exciting experience, and you can take all the comforts of home along with you. RVs are built for storage capacity, even towing your vehicle along or mounting your kayak or canoe. Bringing your kayak along with you on a road trip will add the benefit of getting out on the water while you're at a campground. To bring your kayak, you'll have to mount it to your RV.

Items you will need

  • Nylon rope

Climb to the top of your RV and select a flat area on top without any obstructions such as antennas, A/C units or ventilation areas. Have a buddy help you get the kayak on top. Position the kayak right side up in your designated area.

Locate your tie-down cleats, or loops, on the bottom or side of the RV. Tie a nylon rope to the cleat or loop.

Run the rope up to the kayak and through the kayak's front utility loop, then tie a knot in the rope at the loop. Run the rope down to the other side of the RV, then pull taut and tie the rope to the cleat or loop.

Repeat the above process with the kayak's rear utility loop. Tie two more ropes to the RV cleat or loop, and run the ropes over the top of the kayak, pull taut, then tie into place on the other side to add more security.


  • Double-check your knots and ensure that the kayak is secure before driving off.


  • You can purchase RV kayak or canoe racks to transport your kayak. These are sold at most RV supply or sporting goods stores where kayaks are sold.
  • Some RVs are equipped with large storage compartments that may fit a kayak. Consult your vehicle owner's manual.