How to Mount a Hiking Medallion on a Walking Stick

How to Mount a Hiking Medallion on a Walking Stick

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After you finish an epic hike in a new park, it's a nice touch to add the hiking medallion of the region you explored to your walking stick. Hiking medallions are available at most park or trail association gift shops. The medallions frequently have a curve to them that fits the round edges of a hiking stick. Depending on the material of your hiking stick, there are several possible methods of attaching a medallion to the stick.

Items you will need

  • Small brass brads

  • Small bench vise

  • Small hammer

  • Super adhesive

Wood Hiking Stick

Set two small brass brads on a work bench. Place the hiking stick, lengthwise, into the bench vise.

Place the medallion on the location of your choice on the hiking stick. Hand push the two brads through the medallion's brad screw holes and into the wood.

Hammer the brads gently into the stick. If you wish, add a dollop of super adhesive to the back of the medallion before placing the brads into the wood.

Metal Trekking Pole

Place the trekking pole into the bench vise, tightening the vise just enough to hold the pole but not enough to dent the metal.

Smear super adhesive over the section of the pole where you want to mount the medallion. Smear the back of the medallion with the adhesive as well.

Place the medallion onto the gluey area of the pole. Hold the medallion in position for one minute to allow time for the adhesive to become tacky. Let go after a minute and let the adhesive dry for at least three hours.

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