Mossberg 51 Specifications

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The Mossberg Model 51 is a .22 caliber rifle. The Model 51and 51M are somewhat uncommon, and parts can be difficult to find. The Model 51 was made briefly in 1939, and the 51M was manufactured from 1939-1941 and again from 1945-1946. Because the 51 is no longer made, it is considered a gun enthusiast's collectible.


The Mossberg Model 51 and 51M are both .22 caliber rifles that use .22 Long Rifle bullets. Rifles with .22 caliber ammunition are often used for small game, but can take down larger game when the shooter's accuracy is perfect. .22 caliber rifles are also commonly used for home protection and pest control.


The Mossberg Model 51 and 51M both accommodate a 15-round tubular magazine. Holding 15 bullets makes the Model 51 ideal for taking down game without reloading multiple times.


Both the Mossberg Model 51 and 51M weigh around seven pounds. This small amount of weight makes the Model 51 ideal for walking or hiking long distances with the firearm without added fatigue.

Barrel Length

The Mossberg Model 51 is an auto-loading rifle manufactured with a 24-inch barrel. The Model 51M is also an auto-loading rifle, but features a 20-inch barrel. The Model 51's slightly longer barrel can translate to heightened accuracy over the 51M, assuming the condition of the barrel is at its peak.

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