Mariner Outboard Motor Specifications

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Mariner outboards are Mercury Marine's second product line. Originally made for export, the Mariner uses four of the model descriptions found on their Mercury outboard cousins. The Verado is a supercharged version of Mariner's four-stroke outboard and the OptiMax is a fuel-injected, energy-efficient version of the Mariner two-stroke.

Two-Strokes and OptiMax

Mariner's two-stroke outboards come in three models, two-strokes ranging from 2.5- to 15-horsepower, 40- to 60-horsepower and 70- to 90-horsepower models; the Marathon, in 25- to 90-horsepower models; and the OptiMax, with 115, 200 or 225 horsepower. All models with 25 horsepower or more feature electric or manual starting and remote steering and speed controls. Engines of 40 horsepower or greater include power tilt and trim as an option. The OptiMax, a two-stroke on steroids, with its 115-, 200- and 225-horsepower options, features two-stage direct fuel injection.

Four-Stroke and Verado

Mariner's four-stroke engines come in the Fourstroke series, with 2.5- to 150-horsepower models. Engines of 8 horsepower and up have optional electric starting. All engines rated above 15 horsepower can use remote steering, throttle and shift controls. Mariner's Verado series engines are supercharged. The midrange model comes with 150-, 200- and 300-horsepower, with SmartCraft digital throttle and shift controls, along with charge air cooling, electronic boost and pressure control. Counter rotation is available on the XL models.