How to Manually Operate an Electric Jayco Fifth Wheel Slide

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Camping with a fifth wheel trailer is one of the most luxurious ways to enjoy the great outdoors. These campers are large and contain many features that make you feel at home. Some Jayco fifth wheel trailers have slide outs that create more space within the trailer. However, more electronic equipment means more things that can go wrong. Slide outs have a manual override that will allow you to open and close them manually if necessary.

Locate the access panel. This is where you will access the slide out motor and the manual override switch. The location of the panel varies depending on the Jayco fifth wheel model. In most cases, it is located on the underside of the trailer.

Remove the access panel using the screwdriver. There are usually several screws that will need to be removed along with accompanying washers. Take care not to lose any of the pieces.

Turn the manual override shaft using the drill and the 5/16-inch hex head. This will move the slide out in and out, just as if the motor was doing its job properly.

Replace the access panel using the screwdriver. If you removed the panel to open the slide out, it is okay to leave it off so that you can more easily close the slide out at the end of your trip. Do not drive the vehicle with the access panel off, however.


  • Once the slide out begins to move, you can try the motor again. Sometimes, the slide out sticks and will begin moving with the motor after it is manually broken free.


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