How to Make a Wire Fish Basket

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Commercial fishing for freshwater fish in any of the United States, such as Georgia, requires the use of a legal fish basket to contain the fish. A fish basket allows the fish to enter but not get out of the basket, which is similar to a live trap. When fish are caught they are placed in the basket and then the basket is placed in the water, so the fish do not die. This allows you to throw fish back if they are not to be kept.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure

  • Chicken wire

  • Tip snips

  • 10-gauge wire

  • Pig rings

  • Throat pattern

  • 9-gauge wire

  • Crimp tool

  • Pliers

Step 1

Measure a section of chicken wire that is 72 inches wide by 60 inches long with the tape measure. Cut the chicken wire to this size with the tin snips.

Step 2

Form the cut piece of chicken wire into the shape of a cylinder. Lace the cuts ends of the wire together to connect the edges.

Step 3

Flatten one side of the cylinder to prevent it from rolling. The flat side of the cylinder should measure 19 inches. Lace the cut edges together to fasten the top section of the cylinder together.

Step 4

Form three support hoops by cutting and forming a length of 10-gauge wire. Place one end of the hoop around the rear end of the cylinder and secure with pig rings using a crimp tool or a pair of pliers. The second hoop needs to be placed 17 inches from the first hoop. Place the third hoop so that it is 17 inches from the front of the cylinder.

Step 5

Lay out the throat pattern over the chicken wire and cut it out with the tin snips. Form a cone shape by folding the straight edges of the throat together. Repeat this step to make a second throat.

Step 6

Cut the end off of one cone for a diameter of 6 inches. Cut the end off the second cone for a diameter of 9 inches.

Step 7

Cut a 7 ½ inch square piece of chicken wire for a door. Cut a section of 9-gauge wire that will fit around the chicken wire. Form the wire around the square piece of chicken wire. Lace the cut ends of the chicken wire to the 9 gauge wire. Repeat this step to make a second door.

Step 8

Connect one door to the end of the 9-inch diameter cone with pig rings.

Step 9

Place the second door at the front of the cylinder and cut a hole for the door with the tin snips. Secure the door to the cylinder with pig rings.

Step 10

Insert the 9-inch diameter throat with the trap door into the rear of the cylinder. Secure this throat to the second support hoop. Insert the 6-inch diameter throat into the cylinder and attach it to the first support hoop.

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