How to Clean a Dexter Bowling Shoe Sole

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People who bowl often normally own their own bowling shoes. It is beneficial to take care of your bowling shoes because they will last longer with the appropriate upkeep, and you will save money in the long run. Keeping your bowling shoe soles clean will also improve your performance, allowing for a correct slide, which means higher scores. Dexter bowling shoes are a popular and respected brand with soles that are easy to clean.

Items you will need

  • Brush

  • Cloth


Take your shoes to a shop or bowling establishment with a sole-cleaning machine. This will save time and provide the peace of mind of knowing the bottom of your shoes are thoroughly clean. You will also see how a sole should look after brushing, so you know how much to brush it yourself.

Turn your shoe over, and brush the sole to rough up the nap of the sole. Dexter recommends using a non-metal brush. In addition to roughing up the nap, the brush will help clean dirt, loose particles and any other residue from the sole of the shoe.

Wipe the sole of your Dexter bowling shoe with a cloth to remove dirt or other particles. Any kind of cloth will suffice, providing it is clean and soft. A dry cloth is preferred because it will not leave unwanted residue on the bottom of your shoe.

Use water and a standard hand soap or laundry detergent when a dry cloth does not adequately clean the sole, particularly if there's a sticky substance on the sole.


  • Do not use too strong a cleansing agent, because it could leave an undesired residue on the sole that will be difficult to remove.


  • Some bowling shoes have detachable soles, but it's best to clean your soles while they are attached to the shoe. If it becomes necessary to detach your soles because they are damaged or too dirty, it is probably best to buy new ones.
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