How to Make a Stationary Bike Stand

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You can make a solid, stationary bike stand that can hold up any bike by using an automotive rim without the tire and a large woodworkers clamp with rubber jaws to protect your bike's finish. By utilizing a rim for a counterbalance, your bike stand becomes very stationary. The weight of the rim stabilizes your bike and makes the stand a seemingly permanent addition to your garage or workshop. You can build the stand in less than one hour.

Step 1

Screw the elbow onto the end of the 48-inch pipe using your hands. Screw the 18-inch pipe to the other end of the elbow.

Step 2

Slide the radiator clamp over the end of the 18-inch pipe. Slide one handle of the woodworkers clamp between the radiator clamp and the pipe. Tighten the radiator clamp slightly with a 3/8-inch nut driver.

Step 3

Center and weld the 48-inch pipe with elbow, 18-inch pipe and clamp assembly to the steel plate. The pipe should be standing vertically from the center of the plate.

Step 4

Stand the assembly in the center of the wheel. Weld the plate to the wheel.

Step 5

Grab the woodworkers clamp on top. Turn it with your fingers until the clamp is horizontal on top of the 18-inch pipe. Tighten the radiator clamp with a 3/8-inch nut driver to secure the clamp to the pipe.


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