How to Make a Squirrel Call With Your Mouth

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A squirrel communicates via what seems to be a vocabulary of chirps, squeals and barks. Squirrels are also attracted to a series of chirps and clicks, making it handy to know how to simulate these noises with your mouth should you wish to attract the little rodents. The basic squirrel click is easily done by using the lips and roof of the mouth with the tongue acting as the reed for the noises.

Step 1

Purse your lips and place the tip of the tongue onto the top of the mouth. Suck in as if you are trying to create a suction cup in the front of the mouth.

Step 2

Release the tongue and make a quick "click" from the suction.

Step 3

Add a series of the suction clicks as you become familiar with the motion and noise coming out of your mouth. Make a "click-click-click" noise.

Step 4

Go faster. Think of these clicks as a series of quiet machine-gun shots. Make the cheeks puff out slightly as you make the suction clicks, as the cheeks amplify the noise.

Step 5

Wait for a squirrel to appear, begin making your clicks and watch the animal's reaction. Often, the squirrels turn toward the noise and sometimes get curious enough to get closer to the source of the clicks.


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