How to Set a Barnett Red Dot Scope

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Barnett red-dot scopes are produced by BSA optics for use on Barnett crossbows. The scopes are equipped with 3/8-inch mounting brackets, which attach to the 3/8-inch dovetail mounts on Barnett crossbows. The Barnett red dot scope is equipped with three red dots -- that appear vertically in the viewfinder -- each for a different range. The highest dot is for close range, the middle for medium range and the lowest for long range. The dots are calibrated for 10-yard intervals.

Step 1

Prepare a target on a surface with sufficient mass to stop the bolt or crossbow arrow. Using a surface such as heavily padded foam is recommended.

Step 2

Move approximately 10 yards away from your target; use this range to begin sighting in your scope. Cock your crossbow and align the top red dot onto your target. Holding your crossbow as steady as possible, slowly squeeze the trigger until it fires. Shoot groups of three bolts to determine your sight correction.

Step 3

Adjust for windage and elevation, using the dials on the top and right side of your scope. Sighting in your scope is a trial and error process, keep making minor adjustments until the top, red dot consistently marks where the bolt hits your target.

Step 4

Increase your range to 20 yards and aim using the middle dot; your scope should be relatively accurate. Increase your range to 30 yards, and use the lowest dot to engage your target. Make any adjustments that you see fit.

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