How to Make a Simple DIY Fishing Reel

How to Make a Simple DIY Fishing Reel

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If you camp or hike often, keep a simple fishing reel available to help you obtain food in case of emergencies. Using a simple hand reel is also a way to better understand how early humans caught fish without the use of poles. Once you make your simple fishing reel, attach it to a fishing pole rather than hand fishing. The reel provides storage for matches and other utilities you may wish to bring along on your trips.

Items you will need

  • 1 inch PVC pipe

  • 2 1-inch rubber PVC end caps

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Saw

  • Scissors

  • Wide rubber band

  • Fishing hook

Step 1

Measure five or six inches from the end of the PVC pipe, mark it with a pencil and cut the pipe to this length.

Step 2

Place a rubber end cap on one end of the PVC pipe.

Step 3

Wrap the end of the fishing line around the pipe and tie it to itself to make a solid knot. Cut the excess end that sticks out of the knot.

Step 4

Wrap the fishing line around the PVC pipe until you have plenty of line available. Cut the fishing line.

Step 5

Insert the cut end of the fishing line through your hook and tie it to itself to create a knot to hold the hook securely to the line.

Step 6

Wrap a wide rubber band over the PVC pipe, twist it, then wrap it over the pipe again. Keep twisting and wrapping the band until it is tight, then slide it so that it rests right next to fishing line.

Step 7

Wrap the fishing line tightly and tuck the hook under the rubber band to keep it safe, then place the other end cap on the opposite end of the PVC pipe.


  • Remove one end cap and place objects such as matches or a small survival knife inside the pipe. The end caps will keep water out of the pipe and keep your objects dry.
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