How to Make a Cast Net

How to Make a Cast Net

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Fishing has long been one of man's favorite means of procuring food. There are many different methods for fishing, from lines and poles to spears. One of the most popular ways of getting a large number of fish at one time is to use a cast net. While you can purchase a net for this purpose, you can also make a simple cast net yourself. This knowledge also serves as a survival skill should you ever need to support yourself in this way.

Items you will need

  • Netting

    Thin rope

    Small lug nuts



Gather your materials. Cut out a large circular piece of netting the size you want your cast net to be when opened.

Cut off a 6-inch piece of rope. Tie one end to one of the lug nuts and the other to the edge of the net. Repeat this to attach lug nuts along the edge of the net, spacing them about 6 inches apart. The lug nuts should be heavy enough to instantly sink the net when it is thrown into water.

Weave a length of rope along the outer edge of the netting. One end should be tied to the netting, while the other end should extend 15 or 20 feet. When you throw the net, let this line lay loose. Then pull it and the net will close. Then haul in the net and your catch (if any).

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