How to Make a Portable Shower With PVC Pipes

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Sometimes, when you are camping, the campsite does not have adequate shower facilities. A portable PVC shower is a great alternative that gives you privacy and keeps you clean. A portable PVC pipe shower is easily carried in a duffle bag and is lightweight. All the items needed to make this shower can be purchased at a hardware and camping supply store.

Fill the shower bag with water and let it sit in the sun. Shower bags are available at camping supply stores and have instructions on the bag that tell you how to fill the it. The instructions will also tell you how long it will take the water to heat up in different temperatures.

Remove any jagged or uneven ends on the PVC pipe by sanding the ends. This will ensure that the bag that carries the shower in between uses does not snag on the pipes.

Attach the shower curtains to the rings.

Build a square frame. Place one end of one of the3-foot-long PVC pipes in one of the elbows. Insert another 3-foot pipe into the other end of the elbow and place an elbow at the end of the pipe. Continue this process until you have a feet foot square frame.

Open one side of the frame and slide the shower curtain rings onto the frame. Try to evenly space the shower curtain rings to get the most coverage. Some shower curtains have magnates in the edges that normally attach to magnets in the wall. These curtains work well with this project because the magnets hold the curtain closed while the shower is in use. Close the end when the rings are on the frame.

Tie one nylon cord to each corner of the PVC square frame. Tie the other ends of the cord to the ring on the metal clip. Attach the fifth cord to the ring of the clip and tie the open end of the cord to the second clip.

Attach a rope between two trees at least 6 feet above the ground. Clip the top metal clip to the rope and attach the shower bag to the free metal clip in the top on the shower.


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