How to Make a Porta Potty Taller

How to Make a Porta Potty Taller

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A Porta Potty is a self-contained chemical toilet, used on camping trips, in trailers and on boats. Its great advantages are that it's easy to move from place to place and requires no plumbing. One disadvantage is that its seat is lower to the ground than that of a standard toilet, making it awkward for those who have trouble bending and standing, such as the elderly or disabled. However, with the right equipment, this problem is easy to solve, allowing everyone to enjoy the great outdoors in ease and comfort.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure

  • Paper and pencil

  • Toilet seat riser

Measure the length and width of the top of the Porta Potty or other chemical toilet. Make a note of the dimensions. Chemical toilet sizes vary but are typically about 14 inches wide and 15 inches long.

Purchase a toilet seat riser of an appropriate size, checking that the dimensions fit those of your chemical toilet. A riser is a piece of molded polyurethane that can be placed on the rim of a lavatory when the seat is lifted. The riser provides a higher seat for users, effectively raising the height of the toilet. This item of kit is also known as a toilet raising block. Many models are available and can be found in shops that cater for people with disabilities or mobility problems or from online distributors.

Lift the seat of the chemical toilet and place the riser on the rim. No tools are needed to fit the riser and it can be removed when it is no longer required. Typically, the riser will raise the effective height of the toilet by about 4 1/2 inches, depending upon the model chosen.

Clean the riser with soapy water or disinfectant as necessary.


  • Where a toilet seat riser is unavailable, stand the chemical toilet on an appropriate platform, for example one made of bricks or concrete blocks. Make sure the platform is firm, level and stable so the toilet is safe to use.
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