How to Make a Para Bow Sling

by Christy Bagasao
Make a paracord wrist sling for your bow.

Make a paracord wrist sling for your bow.

A paracord bow sling is an attractive and practical addition to any bow. It helps prevent harm to your bow caused by dropping or similar accidents. A bow sling also adds a personalized look to your bow. When making your own paracord bow wrist sling, you open yourself up to more choices for a one-of-a-kind sling. You can embellish the braid and weave. You can use a single color of durable paracord or choose contrasting or coordinating colors. Your paracord bow wrist sling can be as extravagant or as simple as you choose.

Diamond Braid

  1. Hold the cord in your fingers and extend your arm straight out to the side. Stretch the cord to your opposite shoulder and cut. Use the cut cord to measure three more lengths of cord. Cut one cord of one color and three of another. Seal one end of each cord by burning it with a lighter or butane torch.

  2. Align the unburnt ends evenly with two cords lying on top of two cords. The ends should form a square when viewed straight on. Melt the ends together with the torch or lighter. Press them together with the knife until they cool and harden. Wrap tape around the end.

  3. Tape a loop onto the taped end and hook it on a nail, chair, branch or other hook. Separate the cords below the tape by moving the upper left cord in the square to the far left. The cord under it should be in the middle left. Move the upper right cord to the far right and the cord under it to the middle right. From left to right they are A, B, C and D.

  4. Braid the cords by crossing A under B and C and then crossing A back over C to the left. The order from left to right is now B, A, C and D. Repeat with the right side, crossing D under C and A and crossing back over A to the right. The order is now B, A, D and C. Tighten as you braid. Continue this diamond braid until the wrist sling is as long as you desire.

  5. Wrap tape as evenly as possible around the lower end of your braid where the braid is tight. Wrap tape around the upper end of the braid just below the original tape to cover the uneven nature of the starting turns of a diamond braid.

  6. Locate the center of your diamond braid. Fold the braided cord in half at the center, and measure four inches up from the center point. Mark this point with a piece of tape on each side.

Cobra Weave

  1. Cut two cords five feet each, one from each of the two colors from your diamond braid. Use the torch to melt the ends. Stick them together end to end, forming one long cord.

  2. Place the joined end behind the wrist sling directly below one of the four-inch markers. Form an S with the left side of the paracord by bringing it from behind the sling up and over to the right and then looping back to the left. This will create two loops. Bring the right side of the paracord down through the bottom loop of the S, under the sling, and up through the upper loop of the S on the left side of the sling. Line it up with the tape, and tighten by pulling. Be careful not to pull the melting point apart. Repeat the cobra weave from the opposite direction.

  3. Cut an 18-inch cord. Remove the nylon strings from its interior by pulling them out. Singe one end with the torch. Tuck it under the cobra knot and lay it flat atop the wrist sling. Tie another cobra knot on top of the sling and flat piece. Raise the flat cord out of the way and tie one cobra knot under it. Lower the flat cord back in place and knot over it. Continue until you have reached the other tape marker. The last cobra weave should be over the flat cord to hold it in place. Snip the remaining flat cord and two weaving cords off and singe the ends.

  4. Cut off both ends of the paracord bow wrist sling by slicing halfway up the taped ends of the diamond weave with the utility knife. Singe the ends. Remove the remaining tape and singe the ends again, smoothing the burned ends with the flat side of the scissors. Singe again and reshape until you are satisfied with the final results of your paracord sling.

Items you will need

  • Scissors
  • Parachute cord in two colors
  • Lighter or butane torch
  • Electrical or masking tape
  • Utility knife

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