How to Make My Paintball Gun Shoot Harder

How to Make My Paintball Gun Shoot Harder

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Make your paintball gun shoot harder by increasing the velocity. Not only does this cause the ball to have more energy upon impact, it also gives it a longer range. However, according to, 300 feet per second (or 204 miles per hour) is the maximum safe speed for a paintball gun. Follow this regulation when shooting at other players so as not to injure them with more than a slight bruise. says paintballs traveling more than 300 feet per second can cause tissue damage upon impact.

Items you will need

  • Radar chronograph

  • Paintball gun with hopper and carbon dioxide tank attached

  • 10 or more paintballs

  • Hex key or Allen wrench

Place the radar chronograph in a location pointed away from people, buildings and animals.

Fill your hopper with paintballs and shoot two to three rounds through the radar chronograph. Make note of the current speed.

Insert the Allen wrench or hex key into the CO2 adjustment port (typically located just above the trigger on the left side of the paintball gun) and turn it one full turn counterclockwise, which allows more CO2 to flow through the chamber.

Shoot two or three more rounds through the chronograph and again make note of the speed. If the velocity still needs adjustment, repeat Step 3, using quarter- or half-turn increments until you reach the desired speed.


  • Some paintball guns come with four or five hex keys in a kit. Use the key that fits snugly into the port; never force a key or attempt to adjust the speed with an ill-fitting tool.
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