How to Make Your Own Skimboard Traction

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A skimboard is basically a miniature surfboard that is used for skimming across the surf. A skimboard usually has a traction pad on top of the board, but some also have pads on the bottom. The traction pads are used to keep your feet in one position on the board without slipping. If you need a traction pad when skimboarding, you can make one with basic materials.

Mark out on your board where you want to position your traction pad with a marker.

Buy thin, non-slip rubber material. You can typically find thin rubber at an upholstery material store. You might also consider buying traction pads made for dogs.

Lightly sand the area for the traction pad with fine 400-grit sandpaper.

Cut your material to fit your designated area on the board with a utility knife.

Apply a quick-drying, water-resistant resin, epoxy or glue to the sanded area of the board.

Place the rubber material onto the glued area, then use a piece of PVC pipe to roll the material flat onto the glued area. Make sure the material doesn't bunch up or form any creases.

Place a heavy object on the rubber material and leave it in place until the glue dries. Allow 48 hours before getting the board wet to ensure that the glue has properly cured.


  • Use extreme caution when skimboarding.
  • Avoid any rocks on the beach while skimboarding.


  • You can use wax for traction if you would like a quick fix to your traction problem.


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