How to Make Outriggers For Your Canoe

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If you go out onto big waves or paddle with excess gear, you understand the canoe loses some of its primary and secondary stability. To alleviate this problem, consider adding inflatable outrigger-style sponsons. Adding these sponson-style outriggers to the canoe greatly increases primary (when the boat is at rest) and secondary (while moving) stability. By using the inflatable sponsons, the outriggers go onto the canoe quickly and come down as quickly, giving you flexibility during your canoe adventure.

Inflate both sponsons. The inflatable sponsons have long tubes with one-way valves, allowing you to inflate them using your breath. Blow them up to capacity by squeezing the sides. When there is little give on the squeeze, they are full and ready for use.

Slide a paddle blade into the dedicated blade sleeve on each of the sponsons. Place the paddle shaft under the center thwart -- the tube running between the canoe sides -- so the float-covered blade extends out over the water perpendicular to the canoe.

Slide another paddle blade into the other sponson and place the shaft in the opposite direction of the other paddle. The canoe now has two outrigger sponsons extending out to the sides of the boat, giving it more stability.


  • Use the nylon straps to attach the sponsons directly to the side of the canoe if you do not want to have outriggers extending out as far as with the paddles.


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