How to Make an Inexpensive to Free Archery Target

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Archery can be enjoyed by enthusiasts for sport or as a good alternative to hunting with a gun. A well-made target can help refine the skills needed to make this as enjoyable as possible. Homemade targets can work just as well as an archery range for honing your skills. A sturdy target made from bales of flax straw is both a safe and economical way to practice this sport for just about anybody. It will hold up to repeated use and stand up to most weather conditions very well.

Stack the rectangular bales of straw on top of each other down range at a safe distance and in an area where there is very little likelihood that a stray shot may injure people or animals. Latch the bales together very tightly with sturdy rope to keep them stable. Use a double layer of stacked bales if you are using a high powered compound bow that could fully penetrate and exit the stacked bales.

Place the plywood in front of the straw and secure to the bales with more rope. Attach the heavy straw mat to the front of the target with more ropes and secure tightly.

Attach the paper archery target to the front of the straw mat. Secure into place with nails or rope. The archery target is now ready to be used.


  • Always be sure the area is clear before practicing with your new target.


  • Start from in close to the target until your skills have progressed before attempting shots from longer distances.

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