How to Use Dart Flight Protectors

How to Use Dart Flight Protectors

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A dart flight sits on the shaft at the end of the dart and stabilizes the dart as it soars through the air. Think of flights as the dart's wings. They come in a variety of shapes and are made of various sturdy materials, with nylon being common. An accessory for dart flights are protectors, which are useful and simple to install.

Using Dart Flight Protectors

Flight protectors are small objects that fit over the back center of the flight. They're typically made of metal or plastic and provide a few benefits. Flight protectors keep the flight spread, which helps with aerodynamics, reducing unnecessary movement while the dart is airborne. This helps you hit the target more accurately. Flight protectors also help prevent damage to the flight when it is already on the board and hit by another dart. To use your flight protectors, spread your flights out so that the wings are completely open and simply clip the flight protector on to the center of the flight.

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