How to Make a Helmet Camo Cover

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Helmets are a necessity for many types of activities and hobbies, such as horseback riding and biking, to prevent injuries. Despite their safety features, helmets can be very plain if you wear them as-is. You can buy a camouflage helmet cover, but if you know how to sew, you can make your own camo helmet cover instead.

Step 1

Print out a copy of a helmet pattern. (See Resources.) Put part A on top of the camo fabric and cut out four pieces from the fabric. Cut two pieces each of parts B and C. If your particular helmet has no brim, then do not print any pieces of part C.

Step 2

Place a single part B on your work surface. Place one part A on each side of the B piece. Stitch these three pieces together with needle and thread. Repeat this process again with one more A piece and two more B pieces. These two sewn pieces constitute each side of the helmet cover.

Step 3

Match up the seam lines of each of the two newly sewn pieces and pin them together. Sew the two pinned pieces together. Then remove the pins.

Step 4

Place the right sides of the two C pieces together. Stitch them together, then turn. Place the center front of the sewn C piece on the center front seam line of the helmet cover, then pin them together. Stitch them together and then remove the pins.

Step 5

Place the elastic on the wrong side of the fabric of the helmet cover, beginning with the back center area. Pin the elastic to the fabric and begin to bring it forward so that the elastic wraps around the enter helmet. Remember to keep pinning as you circle the helmet.

Step 6

Set your sewing machine for zigzag stitches, nine stitches per inch. Sew the elastic and helmet cover together, making sure that you stretch the elastic some so that the cover will fit on the helmet. Once completed, fold the elastic band under and repeat the sewing. This hides the elastic and finishes your helmet cover.


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