How to Make a Buoy Out of PVC Pipe

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Stuff a PVC pipe segment with buoyant foam to create a floating buoy. Mark the location of divers, traps, and display signs using these buoyant creations. Decorate them with bright colors to make them easier to see and identify as your own. These buoys are extremely affordable as they are made from PVC pipe and common pool toys. They are also very durable and easy to store. Create many different buoys in various lengths for different purposes.

Items you will need

  • Swimming noodle

  • 3" diameter PVC pipe

  • 1/8" diameter PVC pipe

  • PVC cement

  • Caps

  • Drill

  • Eyehook

Cut a swimming noodle to the length of the PVC pipe. Push the noodle inside the PVC pipe. Cut a narrow PVC pipe tube to the same length and push the pipe through the center hole of the swimming noodle.

Use PVC cement to attach a cap to one end of the pipe. Allow the cement to dry firmly before continuing.

Drill a hole in the other cap. Screw an eyehook into the cap. Liberally apply PVC cement to the inside of the cap to seal any potential leaks. Use PVC cement to glue the cap to the end of the buoy.

Use the buoy however you need to. Ropes, flags, and other items can be attached to the buoy by the eyehook.


  • If you will be leaving your buoy in the water for any length of time, consider decorating it in bright colors. This will make it easier to identify.
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