How to Make Bicycle Fenders

Are you a tried and trued bicycle commuter who rides in whatever weather Mother Nature throws at you? Maybe you are an avid mountain biker who rides 10 months out of the year through any conditions. Whatever your passion, at some point you will be riding in conditions that are going get you wet, and whether you want to stay clean because you are on your way to work or because you just like it that way make no difference. You need fenders. Fenders that fit over your tires, especially your rear one will keep you drier and cleaner. Follow these steps to make your own flexible bicycle fenders for less than $3 apiece.

Cut the plastic fencing in half lengthwise so you have two 1.5-foot lengths. Use the scissors to cut the two sides off of the fencing and then cut the two corners off of the rear portion of the fence to end up with a flat fender, rounded at one end. Repeat for the other piece of plastic fence.

Tape the non-rounded end to the bottom of your seat post securely. Unfold the wire coat hangers and bend one into a "U" shape. Cut small slits three-fourths of the length back on the fender and slide the hanger through so that the valley of the "U" is situated over top of the rear tire. Tape the two ends of the coat hanger to the chain guards of your bicycle with the electrical tape.

Cut two small slits in the middle of the second fender and slide two zip ties through. Secure the fender to the underside of your front fork with the zip ties and then cut two slits in the front portion of the fender like was done for the back fender. Bend the coat hanger in a "U" again and slide through the two slits. Secure the two ends of the coat hanger to the bottoms of your fork with electrical tape to act as supports for the front of the fender.


  • Securing the fenders with zip ties all around makes them easily removable for those days when its not so rainy outside.