How to Make a ATV Trail

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Making your own ATV trail is a fun way to utilize both your ATV as well as some unused parts of your property. It is critical that you have the permission of the landowner before you begin construction of your trail, in the event you do not own the land yourself. Making ATV trails on public land is generally illegal, unless you are certain that ATV use is allowed in the areas you are considering. If you are in doubt, use existing trails.

Items you will need

  • Chain saw

  • Hacksaw

  • Pruning shears

  • Shovel

  • ATV

  • ATV trailer (optional)

  • Markers (such as rocks, signs or other movable landmarks)

  • Spray paint (optional)

Walk the path you want your ATV trail to take. Keep in mind that your path needs to be a few feet wider than your ATV. Consider alternative routes around large obstacles, such as rocks and trees, rather than removing them.

Mark the planned path with small spots of spray paint, if needed. Make certain to mark only dirt or grass with the spray paint so as not to cause any graffiti problems on permanent objects such as rocks or trees.

Use the chain saw to remove any large stumps, branches, limbs or the like from your intended path.

Use the hacksaw and the pruning shears to trim back any smaller plant material from your trail.

Use the shovel to remove any rock obstructions from your path.

Mark your trail, if necessary, using rocks or other objects as landmarks, or use appropriate signage.

Use your ATV and trailer to haul off any plant and rock debris you have accumulated during your trail construction.

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