How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable

An air mattress is a type of inflatable sleeping surface. It may have one chamber for air or many small pockets of air inside them, and it can make your camping experience much more comfortable. When you are camping with an air mattress, it is a straightforward procedure to make it more comfortable.

Spread out a blanket in your tent and place the inflated air mattress on top of it. This will prevent heat from leaching into the ground underneath you. It also will keep the air mattress from slipping around on a slippery tent floor.

Place foam pad or a layer of egg crate on top of your air mattress. This will give you a sensation that is more similar to sleeping on a bed. It also can keep a plastic top mattress from being too slippery.

Cover the mattress with a fitted sheet or a mattress cover. Not only will this keep the foam pad in place, it also will help you maintain your temperature while you are sleeping. A cotton sheet or cover will wick sweat away from your body, while a wool sheet or cover will help you hold heat in during the winter.

Place pillows on the air mattress. Good pillows can make a big difference to your comfort when you are camping, and they can help you get better rest.