How to Dispose of Double Doodie Bags

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When you go camping, or if there is a plumbing emergency that prevents you from using your toilets at home, you'll need to arrange for the collection and storage of human waste. One option is to use a Double Doodie plastic bag. It consists of a leak-proof sealable outer bag, with an inner bag that contains Bio-Gel waste-absorbing gelatin powder, which solidifies waste and contains odors. The puncture-resistant bag fits inside a bucket-style portable toilet during use.

Step 1

Open the lid of the portable toilet.

Step 2

Remove the waste-filled Double Doodie plastic bag.

Step 3

Press the inner zip lock to close the seal of the inner bag.

Step 4

Press the outer bag's zip lock to seal it.

Step 5

Place the double-sealed Double Doodie bag into a garbage can for disposal.

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