How to Dispose of Double Doodie Bags

by Julius Vandersteen

When you go camping, or if there is a plumbing emergency that prevents you from using your toilets at home, you'll need to arrange for the collection and storage of human waste. One option is to use a Double Doodie plastic bag. It consists of a leak-proof sealable outer bag, with an inner bag that contains Bio-Gel waste-absorbing gelatin powder, which solidifies waste and contains odors. The puncture-resistant bag fits inside a bucket-style portable toilet during use.

  1. Open the lid of the portable toilet.

  2. Remove the waste-filled Double Doodie plastic bag.

  3. Press the inner zip lock to close the seal of the inner bag.

  4. Press the outer bag's zip lock to seal it.

  5. Place the double-sealed Double Doodie bag into a garbage can for disposal.

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Julius Vandersteen has been a freelance writer since 1999. His work has appeared in “The Los Angeles Times,” “Wired” and “S.F. Weekly.” Vandersteen has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from San Francisco State University.