How to Make a Daisy Air Gun Shoot Harder

How to Make a Daisy Air Gun Shoot Harder

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A BB gun is a good tool for young shooters to learn gun safety and responsibility before graduating to a more powerful gun. Although the Daisy BB gun isn't the most powerful gun on the market, it can be used for hunting small game. Making the gun more powerful is not possible without voiding the warranty on the gun. However, there are ways to increase the velocity of the BB.

Items you will need

  • Daisy BB gun

Use the proper ammunition. When you are buying BBs at the store, make sure that you are buying Daisy BBs. These BBs are specifically designed for your gun and will attain the maximum designed muzzle velocity.

Pump the gun correctly. If you have a pump action gun, do not over-pump the compressor. Pumping the compressor too much will damage it to the point where it will not be able to hold a charge.

Clean your gun regularly. A clean and lubricated barrel will decrease the resistance on the BB as it goes through the chamber. Use a BB gun cleaning kit to clean the barrel and the BB chamber on the gun.

Use new CO2 cartridges every time that you use the gun if your gun takes CO2. As CO2 is used, the pressure in the cartridge goes down and decreases the velocity of the BB. Older CO2 cartridges will lose pressure very quickly if left in the gun.


  • Allows follow gun safety rules when shooting your gun.
  • Do not alter any of the gun's mechanisms or you will void your warranty.
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