How to Load a Red Ryder BB Gun

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Red Ryder BB guns have been around since 1938, and they've changed very little since then. If you're just getting started with your Red Ryder BB gun, you'll need to learn how to properly load BBs into the gun's chamber. It's a relatively simple process but there are a few things you need to do to make sure that you don't damage the gun or harm others.

Items you will need

  • BBs

Step 1

Gather your BB cartridge and take a seat. Press the "Safety" switch on the Red Ryder BB gun. This switch is located directly above the trigger.

Step 2

Lay the Red Ryder flat across your lap. Be sure that the nozzle is not pointed toward anyone.

Step 3

Open the BB load door located at the near the tip of the right side of the nozzle. Cup your hand beneath the load door on the opposite side of the nozzle.

Step 4

Pour the BBs into the load door. Do not fill the chamber to the top; this could cause your Red Ryder BB gun to jam. Close the BB load door when you are finished.


  • Be very careful not to point your Red Ryder at people or animals, even if the safety is on.
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