How to Load a Crosman BB Pistol

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Crosman introduced pump air-rifles -- designed for target shooting and small-game hunting -- in the early 1920s. The company's products include high-velocity pump and CO2 powered air guns that fire pellets and BB ammunition. The Crosman Auto Air II is a CO2 air-pistol designed to fire .177-caliber BB's. The design of the Auto Air II BB-pistol allows fast reloads that maximize the CO2 power.

Items you will need

  • CO2 cartridge

  • .177 caliber BBs

Remove the grip of the pistol, loosen the piercing lever and insert a CO2 cartridge in the handle. Replace the grip, and tighten the lever.

Place the safety to the "on" position. Turn the Crossman BB pistol on its side to access the BB loading slot.

Point the muzzle of the Crossman pistol in a safe direction. Slide the spring-follower lever completely forward, and lock it in place.

Raise the muzzle of the barrel, and load the .177 caliber BBs in the loading slot. The loading capacity is 17 BBs.

Release the follower lever. Allow it to slide back down and rest against the loaded BBs.

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