How to Load CO2 BB Guns

How to Load CO2 BB Guns

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CO2 BB guns use small 8-gram metal cartridges filled with CO2 or carbon dioxide as a propellant for firing the BB's. Once inserted into the BB gun, the narrow end of the CO2 cartridge is pierced and the CO2 gas is released into the gun. When the trigger is pulled the gas propels the BB down the barrel and toward the target. Loading a CO2 BB gun requires installing the CO2 cartridge and BB ammunition.

Items you will need

  • CO2 BB gun

  • CO2 cartridge (8 gram)

  • BB ammunition

Check the firing chamber of the BB gun, making sure that it is empty and the gun is unloaded. Place the safety of the BB gun on to prevent firing.

Remove the grip panel from the CO2 BB gun or loosen and remove the large screw on the bottom of the grip by turning to the left to loosen and remove.

Insert an 8- gram CO2 cartridge into the handle of the BB gun and tighten the screw so the cartridge is held in place. Do not tighten the screw to the point of puncturing the tip of the cartridge at this point.

Load BBs into the gun based on the particular model. Pull back the loading spring, for example, on some models so that BB ammunition can be loaded.

Point the CO2 BB gun in a safe direction and tighten the screw on the base of the grip to puncture the CO2 cartridge.

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