How to Learn Roller Shoes

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Roller shoes remain popular with many people, especially children who love to glide down the sidewalk on these half-skate, half-shoe products. Roller shoes look much like regular shoes with the exception of the bottom of the sole where there is a space for a roller skate wheel to be attached in the heel of the shoe. Most roller shoes allow users to take the wheel out when they need a regular pair of shoes and to easily pop the wheel back in when they want to roll again. The first time on roller shoes feels somewhat awkward, but users quickly adjust to the feel of these shoes, maneuvering around quickly and easily.

Put on protective gear such as a helmet, elbow and knee pads. You won't be wearing this equipment all the time when you use roller shoes, but you should definitely wear them while you learn and become more comfortable using them.

Stand in place with your roller shoes on. Put one foot out on the ground in front of you as though if you were going to take off walking normally. Use whichever foot you want to take the lead, but most people feel comfortable with their dominant foot behind the other one.

Raise your toe slightly on the front foot to balance on the wheel of the shoe. Use your back foot to push off and then also balance this foot on the wheel. Keep your feet close together and direct your body with the front foot.

Stop by slowly lifting your toe on the back foot up higher until the back of the shoe touches the ground. Practice stopping on level ground with something soft such as grass nearby to break your fall while moving slowly before taking on any hills or wide expanses of concrete.


  • Ensure that wheels are securely attached in children's roller shoes before they go outside to use them. A loose wheel can dislodge and cause a bad fall.


  • Let young children use roller shoes only with direct supervision, especially the first few times they are used. These shoes present many of the same risks as other toys with wheels; these risks include falling or rolling in to the street.
  • Use roller shoes only in safe areas to avoid hurting yourself or others. Never use them in stores, on crowded sidewalks or in similar areas.


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  • grimacing girl with a helmet image by Cherry-Merry from Fotolia.com