How to Kick a Kickball

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Most remember playing kickball in their grade school days, but the game has been revitalized as a pastime for adults through organized kickball leagues. For most players, the game is just for fun, but competitive players still want to kick well during the game. Using the proper kicking technique will make you a better player and teammate.

Items you will need

  • A kickball

Step 1

Line up to the side opposite your kicking leg. For example, if you kick with your right leg, line up behind home plate in the left kicking box.

Step 2

Step toward the rolling ball with the foot opposite your kicking foot. A right-footed kicker's first step should be with the left foot and vice versa. Bend at the waist, keeping your body as compact as possible. Drive through the ball with your kicking foot.

Step 3

Kick the ball from home plate or behind it. Kickball rules dictate that it is illegal to run up and kick the ball in front of home plate. You may step on the plate, but you cannot be in front of it when you make contact.

Step 4

Aim for the middle of the kickball with a "soccer style" kick, using the instep of the foot to make contact. Hitting the ball in its midsection will keep it from flying up in the air for an easy out.

Step 5

Kick the ball above its middle with the instep to keep the ball on the ground. Certain situations will arise in the game when a fly ball out will ruin a chance to score so the goal when kicking is to keep the ball on the ground and force the defense to make a play on a base runner.


  • You can kick pop flies to advance runners. (Sacrifice flies) You can tag runners out on defense by kicking or throwing the ball at them.