How to Keep Warm in Cold Swimming Pools

How to Keep Warm in Cold Swimming Pools

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While swimming is an excellent way to stay in shape or just to cool off on a hot day, if the temperature of the water is too cold, it can turn swimming into a non-enjoyable activity. The obvious solution is get out of the pool. However, if you swim competitively or use swimming as a physical therapy exercise, there are a few tricks that can allow you to remain warm while swimming in a cold pool.

Items you will need

  • Wetsuit

  • Swimmer's cap

  • Gloves

  • Booties

Wear a wetsuit while swimming in a cold pool to help you stay warm. There are many different styles of wetsuits, all designed to keep swimmers warm in cold water. Choose a wetsuit designed for a triathlon, as this style of wetsuit will allow for the widest range of motion.

Wear a swimmer's cap. Most heat escapes the body from your head, so keeping it covered will allow you to stay warmer. Gloves and “booties” will also assist in keeping you warm in cold water.

Move frequently, increasing your swim speed if possible; treading water also helps. The more you paddle and kick your feet, the more heat generated by your body, which will in turn raise your body temperature.


  • When you are warming up in the pool, try swimming using the backstroke before freestyle. This will allow your face to stay out of the water, and will allow your body to adjust to the cold temperature.
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