How to Keep Your Heel From Rubbing in a Boot

How to Keep Your Heel From Rubbing in a Boot

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The heel of your foot rubs against the inner wall and sole when the boot is loose. The issue occurs when your feet swell or shrink or when you change sock styles. The rubbing also occurs when the lace tension changes or the boot is too big. Rubbing on the heel leads to painful blisters if the problem is not addressed. Several simple steps will reduce the rubbing and protect your feet from developing blisters.

Items you will need

  • Liner socks

  • Thick wool socks

  • Gel sole insert

Step 1

Tighten your laces to reduce rubbing on the heel. Always tie the laces with moderate tension for a snug and painless fit.

Step 2

Wear a pair of thin liner socks under your normal socks. Liner socks with a snug fit do not stop rubbing but they do provide a barrier between the heel and rubbing point. The liner socks are ideal for blister prevention.

Step 3

Buy a smaller or more narrow size boot. Your heel rubs when the boot is too big and your foot has ample play inside the boot. Downsize to a boot with a slightly tighter fit.

Step 4

Wear thicker socks to fill the extra space inside the boot. Upgrade to a thick pair of wool socks to increase the size of your foot and reduce rubbing.

Step 5

Add a gel sole to the boot to fill extra space and prevent rubbing. The gel sole also adds cushion and comfort to the boot.

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