How to Keep Food Cold While Camping

Keeping your food cold while camping is much easier than it sounds. The key is to invest in a quality, completely air-tight ice chest that has a latch or lock on it to ensure that no hot air can get in and melt the ice. If possible, set your ice chest in the shade while you camp to prevent overheating. This method will work to keep any type of food cold, from meat to fruit to beverages.

How to Keep Food Cold While Camping

Place two bags of block ice at the bottom of a large ice chest. It is not necessary to unwrap them. Make sure the bottom of the ice chest is completely or almost completely covered.

Store the food you want to be kept cold in plastic containers and plastic freezer bags, making sure the lids are on tight and the bags are securely sealed. Place half of the food over the ice blocks in an even layer, stacking if necessary.

Open one bag of ice cubes and pour over the food containers. Place the second half of the food containers over the ice cubes. Open the second bag of ice cubes and completely cover the food containers. Shut the ice chest immediately, latching or locking it to ensure it is air tight. When retrieving an item from the ice chest, make sure the chest is open for a minimal amount of time. The food should stay cold and fresh for about four days, even if the ice partly melts and becomes cold water.


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