How to Join the Hell's Angels

How to Join the Hell's Angels. So you want to join the Hell's Angels. This group is is the largest motorcycle club in the world. It's also one of the most exclusive. Read on to learn how to join this infamous club.

Step 1

Be a motorcycle enthusiast who uses a motorcycle as a primary means of transportation.

Step 2

Ride an average of 20,000 miles a year. As the Hell's Angels website says, "this means [in] rain, snow, or sunshine."

Step 3

Talk with a charter member of Hell's Angels in your area for information.

Step 4

Learn the requirements of the Hell's Angels charter in your area. These requirements vary from charter to charter.

Step 5

Go through a "hang around" process. If the Hell's Angels club members like you, you can be sponsored by a charter member and become a member of the club.

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