Jeep Three-Room Tent Instructions

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Many people love to camp. Some will use tents, while others will use a camper. If you have a Jeep, a compromise between these two approaches is to use a Wenger three-room tent. This tent attaches to the Jeep and provides a stable object to hold the tent in place regardless of the wind. It also permits you top use the back of the Jeep, and you can access a table and storage area without leaving the tent. Thanks to the fact that everything is color coded to tell you where it goes, setting up this tent is actually quite simple. It should take not more than about 20 minutes.

Unfold the tent and insert the two tan-coded fiberglass poles into the two tan-coded sleeves installed at the ceiling of the tent.

Insert the two blue-coded fiberglass poles in the diagonal blue-coded sleeves that form a criss-cross at the ceiling.

Bend the ends of the poles and insert them into the hubs at the base of the tent. Make sure you place the ends onto the correctly color coded holes in the hubs.

Attach the metal pins at the bottom of the tent to the end poles to tighten the tent. Then attach the tan supporting poles in the center and attach the pins there as well.

Place the support inside the sleeve at the top of the blue closets. Attach the closets to the tan poles, using the metal pins at the bottom of the tent.

Stake down the edges of the tent as well as the tension lines. It is now ready to use.

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