How to Insulate an RV

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An RV can provide on-road and off-road entertainment as well as relief from long hours of driving. Fluctuating or extreme temperatures from outside weather can tarnish that relief. Cold and hot air from the outside seeps into small crevices of the RV, which prevents consistent temperature regulation. Proper insulation in the RV stabilizes indoor temperatures to provide you a more comfortable environment.

Step 1

Cover water pipes with foam insulation. Select foam pipe insulation specially made for the elbows or turning points of pipes. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the pipe before purchasing the foam insulation.

Step 2

Cover water hoses with foam tube insulation also. Water hoses that attach to the RV may freeze over easily in the winter, due to direct exposure to outside air. You may also use weather stripping or duct tape to wrap the hoses. Cover the hoses all the way to the attachment point or main source of water.

Step 3

Use heavy drapes or reflective window shields to reflect sunlight from entering the RV during the summer months. Apply energy film to the windows. Energy film may allow the sunlight to shine through the RV without the heat entering.

Step 4

Apply RV skirting around the bottom of the RV. Cold air may freeze pipes underneath the RV, which keeps the floors inside cold. Providing a barrier to prevent cold air from affecting the underside of an RV may save energy and allow water to run efficiently through the pipes.

Step 5

Apply weather stripping tape along the seams of windows and the foot of doors. Air may seep in and out through the cracks of doors and windows. Sealing up these small air spaces may allow the temperature to remain constant inside the RV without the overuse of heating and cooling units.


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