Instructions for the Ozark Trail 3-Dome Connection Tent

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The Ozark Trail 3-Dome connection tent is a set of three tents that fit 8 to 10 people. The three tents are connected, and can be accessed without having to leave the tent system. A large, connected mat covers the area in front of the three tents. You can use this space for activities. The tent assembly is straightforward, and you can do it relatively quickly after you get the hang of it.

Items you will need

  • Ozark Trail 3 Dome connection tent

  • Stakes

  • Hammer

Ensure that all parts are included in the package and in good working condition. Refer to the owner's manual for a list of parts and their description.

Lay out the center tent on a flat surface. The center tent is the largest one. Confirm that the door is unzipped. Extend the doormat out as far as possible on either side.

Extend the tent poles by pulling them outward on each side. Slide the main pole through one of the center sleeves. Attach the end of the pole to the five-way center hub. Repeat this for the other four main poles. Secure the other end of the poles to the pin rings at the base of the tent.

Snap the quick clips onto each of the poles. The quick clips are attached to the body of the tent.

Lay out the smaller tents on both sides of the main tent.

Slide a pole through the front poll sleeve and the rear poll sleeve. Your action should create an "X" shape . Secure the poles to the base of the tent with pin-rings. Snap quick clips onto the poles along their entire length. Repeat this step for the other small tent.

Connect the three tents by zipping together the extension flaps. The zipper extension flaps are on both sides of the main tent and zip on to the outer zipper on the side door of each small tent.

Connect the center tent rainfly, using the S-hooks to the small loops at each corner of the center tent. Tie the nylon fasteners around each pole. These are on the bottom of the rainfly. Slide the rainfly through the sleeve below the rainfly logo. Secure each end of the rainfly with the metal grommets on the front pole sleeve. Repeat this step for the two smaller tents.

Secure the tents to the ground by driving a stake through each pin ring.

Secure the doormat by driving a stake through each large webbing loop.

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