Instructions for the Safety Button on a Mossberg

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O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc. has built a sound reputation in the world of firearm manufacturing. The company is particularly noted for its advances in shotgun manufacture. All of Mossberg's weapons come equipped with a safety mechanism, typically a safety button. This feature is used to render the weapon incapable of firing, and is usually set when the weapon is being carried or is not in use. Every Mossberg owner should know how to operate the safety feature.

Step 1

Locate the weapon's safety button. For most traditional shotgun models, it is located at the top-rear portion of the receiver. For some newer shotgun models and for rifles, the button is located above the trigger on either the left or right side.

Step 2

Push the safety button to the "off" position, rendering the weapon ready to fire. The safety "off" position will be indicated by an exposed red dot. For traditional shotguns, the safety is pushed toward the barrel to reveal the red dot. For newer shotguns and rifles, the safety is pushed to either the left or right, depending on the model. For newer and older models, the appearance of the red dot indicates the safety is off and the weapon is ready to fire.

Step 3

Push the safety button to the "on" position, engaging the weapon safety. Push the safety in the opposite direction, covering the red dot. This indicates that the weapon's safety is on, and incapable of firing.

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