How to Break Down a Raven Arms 25 Caliber Pistol

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If the word "cute" could ever legitimately be applied to a handgun, it would have to be applied to the Raven Arms MP25 .25 caliber pistol. The MP-25 is a scant few inches in size and was developed by Raven Arms to be a cheap, effective handgun. The MP-25 has also been called a "Saturday Night Special" and falls under the general term of "Junk Handguns." Breaking apart the Raven Arms MP-25--whether for cleaning or for parts replacement--is a simple process, requiring nothing more than a ballpoint pen and some grip strength.

Items you will need

  • Ballpoint pen

Step 1

Press the magazine eject button--located on the bottom of the gun near the magazine itself--and remove the magazine from the handle of the MP-25.

Step 2

Pull the slide back and release it to eject the round--if there is one--from the firing chamber. Your first step whenever you are working with a firearm should be to ensure that the weapon is unloaded.

Step 3

Locate the large, round button on the back of the MP-25. It will be on the center of the slide near the top.

Step 4

Push the button with the butt-end of your ballpoint pen. The slide will pop off at this point, so remove it and place the frame off to the side. Keep the button pushed down until the slide has come completely off.

Step 5

Pull the button out of the slide--it will slide right out--followed by the spring and the firing pin. All of these parts will slide right out.

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