Instructions for the Benjamin Repair Kit

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Benjamin airguns are common weapons for pest control and target shooting practice. The elegant hardwood stock, all metal barrel construction and muzzle velocity of 800 feet per second make Benjamin airguns popular with rifle enthusiasts. As with all rifles, they require maintenance. You can buy a Benjamin repair kit to fix many of the common problems that arise with these rifles. The repair kit provides common spare parts you may need to replace.

    Remove the trigger guard screw and take off the rear part of the stock. Remove the pins and screws that contain the retention cap at the back of the airgun's receiver.

    Get the right kit for your model. Take off the guide pin, spring and hammer so you can get a look at the compression tube. If your compression tube is made of one piece of brass, you will need a PY-911 kit. If your gun has a compression tube with a protruding valve stem, the PY-624 is the kit you need.

    Inspect your rifle and assess which parts of the rifle's mechanism needs to be repaired. A piece that often needs replacing is the air valve seal. To replace it, dismantle the rifle as described in steps 1 and 2. Remove the old fiber gasket you will find on the air valve and replace with the seal provided in the kit. Apply air tool oil to all moving parts and reassemble the rifle.


    • Check a picture of your rifle's schematics (see Resources) to assess which parts need replacing and how to access them.


    • The kit only comes with one air valve seal. If both seals are damaged, buy two neoprene O-rings of the same size.

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