Instructions for How to Disassemble a Gamo Air Rifle

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Gamo Airguns, founded in the 1960s, produce rifles and proprietary Gamo ammunition. Gamo rifles include rear sights adjustable for windage and elevation and have a lethal range of 90 meters or 100 yards. Typically Gamo outfits their rifles with Monte Carlo stocks--as opposed to American stocks. This being the case, some decide to re-stock the rifle. This common process necessitates disassembly. Before you do anything, unload the Gamo air rifle.

    Remove the front screws on either side of the forend. These screws will be located directly under the rear sight.

    Remove the trigger plate screws, and remove the trigger plate.

    Gently extract the trigger assembly through the top of the firearm.

    Free the barrel and cocking arm, which are attached, from the stock.

    The Gamo air rifle is disassembled.


    • Always perform maintenance on an unloaded weapon.

      Disassembling Gamo air rifles voids the warranty.


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